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Favorite Books

Hello everyone,

How are you guys today? This is going to be one of my first post as well as one of the posts from the introductory series that I decided to do at the beginning of my blogging journey simply so you guys can get to know me better. As you probably know if you read me About me section I love books, video games, TV shows, movies...

This time I would like to talk about my 10 favorite books. These books are not in the self-development section or non - fiction section. Most of these are fiction books and that is what I enjoy reading the most. As for the genre, this will be all over the place, but then again I am all over the place. This list is in particular order whatsoever. I just sat down and written a list of my favorite books. So let's start.

1. The Deal by Elle Kennedy | This book is dear to my heart and it is one of my favorite cuts romances out there. It is categorized as a New Adult and it is a sports romance. This is not standalone but it can be read as one. The Deal is a part of a series called Off-Campus and it consists of four books. Four college hockey players are living in an Off-Campus house and each book is tied to one of the guys. My favorite one tells the story of Garret Graham, a hockey player and a captain of the team. He convinced a girl to help him out regarding one of his exams and things started rolling from there. I haven't said this before but I love hockey and as the matter of fact Boston Bruins are my favorite team and this has something to do with them. Imagine how surprised I was when I started reading. I highly recommend this if you enjoy college/sport cute romance books.

2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling | As the matter of fact I love the entire series but book number six is my favorite of them all. If you never heard of Harry Potter you have been living under a rock and I have no idea what you were doing so far. Now about my favorite, book number six is my favorite for several reasons. It shows the story of my favorite character Severus Snape. He has always been my favorite and he will always be my favorite no matter what. Also, there are so many good things that happened in this book and it is the last one with school/classes which was always a favorite part of HP for me. Needless to say, I highly recommend it.

3. Lord of the Rings The Two Towers by J. R. R. Tolkien | I watched LOTR movies with my dad way before I read the books for the first time and the second movie was my favorite and stayed my favorite. I read the books twice so far and they are a bit hard to read for someone who is not native to English. English is my second language and I had such a hard time while reading it for the first, but nevertheless, I loved it. The entire series is amazing and beautifully written. I was amazing. Why is The Towers my favorite you ask? Well, I can't explain it, but it had such a great atmosphere and the battles were so well made. I could read it over and over again. If you enjoyed LOTR movies try the books you will not be disappointed.

4. Lover Awakened by J. R. Ward | So we are here with my favorite series of all times. Yes, I am talking about The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J. R. Ward. I love it and I will never stop loving it. As always I have a favorite book from the series and this time it is the third book. To back up a bit I am going to talk about the series in general. It revolves around a group of fighters, a group of vampires who are trying to protect their kind and the mankind from deadly creatures called lessers. The main group/brotherhood at the beginning of the series consist of six fighters Wrath, Rhage, Zsadist, Vishous, Phury, Thorment, and a new member Butch aka The Dhestroyer. Eventually, the group expanded as the series continued. My favorite book is about the brother Zsadist who had a terrible life of slavery and torture. I adore him and it was very interesting to read about his life. Each book from the series revolves around a different brother with the addition of others. I love that concept and I will repeat myself again by telling you that you need to read it.

5. Autobiography of Jack the Ripper by James Carnac | This was an accidental purchase for me. I was walking through the bookstore and I saw the spine of the book and I got it on the whim. I was always interested in serial killer stories, simply because I would love to know what goes through their mind. It all started when I started watching Criminal Minds while I was in high school. So this book sounded perfect and it was really good and well written. If you are not familiar with this concept Jack the Ripper was one of the first serial killer in London in the 19th century. He killed 5 female prostitutes and disappeared after the last kill. He was never arrested and we do not know who he was. He got the nickname The Ripper because he removed female reproductive organs after killing them. The man James Carnac claims in the book that he, in fact, is Jack the Ripper. He wrote a book and he gave it to women who helped him out when he was near the end of his life. It is a really interesting concept and I really enjoyed the story. I can't tell if the story is real or not, but it was very nice to write and it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

6. Bared to You by Sylvia Day | It has been a hot minute since I read this series. I started reading Crossfire it in high school in 2012 and it was finally finished in 2016. It is classified as New Adult/Adult but I do not agree with this person. I would classify it fully in the Adult section because the series itself deals with a huge array of sensitive topics like rape, abuse, self-harm... If you feel like this is not your cup of tea steam clear away from it because you will hate it. Like I said I read it in high school in my senior year and it was my first Adult book ever. I read it even before the infamous Fifty Shades of Gray (that I like and I have nothing against). It revolves around an at the first sight normal girl Eva Tramell and a business mogul and a billionaire Gideon Cross, hence the series title Crossfire. I can't say a lot without spoiling you guys so I will just say that it is a nice romance story with a huge twist. The first book was my favorite because it wasn't so complicated, the love story was so gorgeous and it was something I would like to have in my life. It became twisted later on and so many things happened, but I can't talk because of the spoilers. Nevertheless, I loved the series and if you are trying to find something like Fifty Shades, try it out.

7. Frankenstein by Mery Shelley | I read a lot of classics while in school and I really enjoy them. This one is not something I had to read, but I decided to do it nevertheless. It is my favorite classics of all times and if you enjoy gothic culture and supernatural beings this is where you should start. I believe that every single supernatural creature had it's origins here. As the title says the book is about Dr. Frankenstein and his journey from childhood to the point of creating his infamous Frankenstein monster to the point of his death and the destruction of the said monster. I loved the concept, the book felt like it is so far ahead of its time and I consider it to be the origin of today's vampires and various supernatural beings. Very good classic, I suggest you give it a try.

8. Around the World in 80 Days by Gil Verne | I cannot make a list of my favorite books and not include my favorite childhood book. I read it so many times in my own language and in English and it is so quirky and fun. Also, highly recommend you to watch the movie with Jackie Chan that carries the same name as the book. The story is so well written and it is one of the timeless classics at least for me. The story revolves around a scientist Phileas Fogg and his little helper Lau Xing called Passepartout. At the beginning of the book, Fogg made a bet that he can travel around the globe in 80 days and return to London by noon od the day 80. Everything starts from that moment and it is funny and quirky. perfect childhood read.

We are almost there you guys. Two more books.

9. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo | Six of Crows is a newer release that reached this list and it is a part of the duology. I personally loved it and it was one of the best books I read that year. It is a high fantasy book that takes part in the Grish universe. If you are not familiar with the writer Leigh Bardugo you probably don't know about The Grish trilogy. This duology takes place in the same universe as the trilogy I mentioned but everything revolves around the group of kids who are getting ready for a dangerous quest. I can't say more because it will spoil both books so I will just say that it is amazing and I highly recommend it.

10. American Gods by Neil Gaiman | I decided on a whim that I want to watch the TV show American Gods and then I realized that it is based on a book so I decided to hold off on a TV show till I read a book. I picked it up in December last year and I finally read it in January this year and it is one of my most recent reads of the year and surprise surprise the book made onto my favorites list. This was the first Neil Gaiman book I ever read and I fell in love with his imagination and his writing style. The premise of the book is that mythological creatures and gods exist because people believe in them.They were brought to America by immigrants and mythological beings have diminished as people's beliefs waned. New gods have arisen with the growth of media and celebrities and the story rolls from there and the main character is an ex-convict called Shadow. I will leave it at this so you guys can form an opinion if you want to read it or not.

So that is it for this post. These are my favorite books of all times and I don't see this list changing only expanding.
It took me a long time to write it given that English is not my native language and I am so sorry if I made a mistake, please comment down love and I will try to fix it ASAP.

I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading.

P. S. What are your favorite book. Leave a comment down below I am curious.
Bye, until next time!

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